Tanja Novakovic


Tanja Novakovic MSc Pharm is the president of the Pharmacoeconomics Section within the Pharmaceutical Association of Serbia (from 2006 - to date). She is a founder of the ISPOR Serbian chapter and between 2007 and 2009 its vice president. Tanja Novakovic is a graduate of the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Pharmacy finishing her postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Pharmacy at Ghent University in Belgium. She is employed at Galenika as product manager for CNS drugs.

She is the author of the “Handbook for pharmacoeconomic evaluations”, the first such publication in the Serbian language. She was active in shaping healthcare policy, writing the first Guidelines for pharmacoeconomic evaluations for Serbia. She was also co-author in one of the three HTA reports first completed in Serbia, and was engaged to lead a group of experts to define all existing elements of basic benefit package in Serbia within the World Bank/Ministry of Health of Serbia projects. Tanja participated in several projects in different fields: big data, disease areas such as oncology, rare diseases, nutrition, rheumatogy, biosimilars etc. Tanja has organized and presented in many national meetings and international conferences which have resulted in international cooperation in education and the developing of pharmacoeconomics and HTA in Serbia and the region.




Alessandra Ferrario


Alessandra Ferrario has recently completed her PhD at the London School of Economics (March 2017) and will start her postdoc at Harvard Medical School in July 2017 on the intensity of end-of-life care in breast cancer patients. She has been working as a Research Officer at LSE from 2011-2017 on pharmaceutical policy issues and non-communicable diseases. Alessandra’s PhD investigated issues around access to new cancer medicines in Europe. In particular, cross-country variations in access, the use of risk-sharing and managed entry agreements and strategic procurement. Alessandra has worked with the World Health Organization on pricing and procurement at global and European level and on availability, affordability and quality use of medicines in Estonia, the Republic of Moldova and Tajikistan. She holds an MSc in Health Policy, Planning and Financing (LSE/LSHTM), MSc in Epidemiology (Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, University of Basel) and BSc in Molecular Biology (University of Basel).




Bojan Trkulja


Bojan Trkulja is managing director of INOVIA (Association of Innovative Drug Manufacturers in Belgrade, Serbia). He was born in 1971 in Belgrade, where he completed his elementary, high school and medical university. After a successful internship and passing the state exam, he worked in the office of F. Hoffmann – La Roche in Belgrade, from December 1999. Over the last 11 years he held a variety of positions, from associate through the Medical Product Manager, Compliance Officer and Market Access Manager.


Krzysztof Landa


Krzysztof Landa is the Board Member of the National Center of Research & Development (NCBiR) of Republic of Poland.  Dr Landa held the position of Deputy Minister of Health of Republic of Poland for last two years. He is The Founder of Watch Health Care Foundation ( The CEO of MedInvest Scanner Ltd. General partner in HTA Audit, a company dealing with quality of HTA (Health Technology Assessment) reports directed to authorities and public institutions in Poland; expert of BCC on health care system. From 2010 till 2011 he was President of Central & Eastern European Society of Technology Assessment in Health Care. In 2006-2007 Dr Landa was the Director of Drug Policy Department in the Central Office of National Health Fund. In 2004 Krzysztof Landa was elected to the Board of Directors of Health Technology Assessment International (HTAi) and performed his duties till mid-2007. He was the Chairman of the LOC of the first HTAi Annual Meeting 2004, held in Krakow, Poland. Dr Landa is a graduate of the University School of Medicine and received his management education at the Postgraduate School of Public Health of Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Promotion of HTA in the region of CEE resulted in international cooperation in education and HTA. Dr Landa organized many national and international HTA workshops and conferences. In years 2006 – 2008 Dr Landa provided consultancy for the Serbian Ministry of Health. He was team leader of the World Bank project aimed at introduction of HTA in Serbia, implementation of EBHC principles to the management of basic benefit package and designing a governmental HTA Agency.



Magdalena Wladysiuk


Magdalena Wladysiuk is the Vice President of HTA Consulting, President of CEESTAHC Society. In HTA Consulting, she is responsible for the strategic development of the company through research and services development, new product launch and marketing. Ms. Wladysiuk main and primary aim is to provide high quality information or data based on evidence based medicine or health technology assessment methodology not only in Poland but in Europe and Asia. Key role of her work is to improve patient outcomes through better healthcare decisions. HTA Consulting provides wide scope of service to planning, collecting, analyzing and presenting clinical, cost data, health technology assessment report to public and private sector - healthcare professionals, payers, hospitals, and employers.

In CEESTAHC she was responsible for the establishing and providing wide connection platform for discussion for all stakeholders in health care system. CEESTAHC mission is to improve the quality of health care systems value with the use of evidence.


·   Graduate of the Medical Academy in Lublin in 2000

·   MBA and economy in Kozminski Academy in Warsaw in 2004

·   Founder of the CEESTAHC in 2003 and its President up to 2005 and from 2010 again

the President of CEESTAHC

·   Member of HTAi Annual Meeting in 2006-2008

·   Ph.D. Program from 2011 in Medical Academy in Lublin

Jaroslav Duba


Jaroslav Duba is owner and CEO at OAKS Consulting s.r.o. Jaroslav founded OAKS Consulting s.r.o. in 2009, after more then 15 years of experience in top management positions in Wyeth, Zentiva and Glaxo. OAKS Consulting has became in short time the leading consulting company providing full scope of services in MARKET ACCESS in Czech Republic. The team currently consists of 15 specialists with professional background in medicine, pharmacology, mathematical modeling and health-economy.

David Danko


Dávid Dankó is managing partner of Ideas & Solutions (I&S), an independent research and consultancy firm which provides health policy and market access advisory services to pharma and medical device companies with a focus on emerging and middle-income markets. He also holds a position as research leader at the Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary, where he lectures pharmaceutical policy and funding.


Dávid has 14 years of experience in health care management & the funding of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Until 2010 he was member of the executive team for pharmaceutical reform in Hungary as deputy director of reimbursement at the national health insurance fund. He speaks regularly at conferences and workshops on pharmaceutical and medical device policies, gives payer communication and negotiation trainings to multinational companies and authorities.



·   Pragmatic value assessment and HTA systems for middle-income markets

·   Process and data transparency of pharmaceutical decision-making processes

·   Linking managed entry agreements to value assessment of pharmaceuticals

·   Negotiations and communication with payers and other governmental stakeholders

·   Alternative funding strategies for middle and low-income countries


Dávid has lectured at the European Market Access University Diploma (EMAUD) programme, the Semmelweis University of Budapest, Debrecen University, Eötvös Loránd University and the former Vienna School of Clinical Research. He graduated in Economics from Corvinus University of Budapest and earned a PhD degree in 2012 with his thesis on resource management in pharmaceutical research & development.


Dávid is peer-reviewer and editorial board member of three health economics and market access journals. He is also co-editor of a university textbook titled ‘Pharmaceutical Reimbursement’ and co-author of the Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research Guidelines for India.


Simo Vukovic


Simo Vukovic is coordinator of the Component Improvement of Health Financing of the Second Serbia Health Project. Dr. Vukovic is a Specialist Doctor of Gynecology and Obstetrics, and he obtained a PhD title in Health Management from the European Center for Peace and Development of UN University for Peace. He started his professional engagement in the Clinical Center of Serbia, continuing his work as Assistant Professor in the European Center for Peace and Development, and later as the Director of International ECPD Summer School of Management in Healthcare Institutions and the founder of the clinic Vanna Care. He has been a member of the Serbian Medical Chamber since 2008, and he gained significant professional experience at the positions of Advisor to the Minister of health of Montenegro, MP in the National Parliament of Serbia, member of City Council of the City of Belgrade, President of Managing Board of the Clinical Center of Serbia and State Secretary in the Ministry of Health. He is the founder of non-government organization Health Monitor. He is the winner of NALED's Top Reformer award for 2013, now acting as NALED-s expert consultant for healthcare.


Nikos Kotsopoulos


Nikos Kotsopoulos is a health economist with 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and related consulting. Nikos has held global and regional positions for the pharmaceutical industry and has conducted several health economic studies in both developed and developing countries. He also is a guest lecturer at the University of Athens, School of Public Policy and Administration. In recent years Nikos has contributed to the development of a novel analytic framework that assesses the macroeconomic and fiscal effect of investments in healthcare. The analytic framework developed by Nikos and his team has been incorporated into the WHO framework on broader impact of vaccination to inform decision-makers. Nikos is a partner at Global Market Access Solutions, with licensed offices in Switzerland, UK and US. He has received formal post-graduate training in health economics at the University of Groningen (PhD), and City University, London (MSc).



Antony P. Martin


Antony P. Martin is Research Fellow in Health Economics at Liverpool Health Economics. Since joining LHE, Antony has made significant contributions towards several innovative projects. He completed his BSc in Economics at the University of Liverpool and his MSc in Health Economics at City University London, funded by a scholarship from the NIHR. Previously, he worked for a leading health economics and outcomes research consultancy company, gaining experience in cost-effectiveness model adaptations, budget impact models, systematic literature reviews and health technology assessment reports. Antony is undertaking a PhD to examine the clinical and cost-effectiveness of pharmacogenetic tests. In addition, he is looking to explore issues surrounding equity in the delivery of personalized healthcare. Antony has experience working within a range of health areas such as alcoholism, hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS, pre-term birth, and he has developed a keen interest in health policy debate. He has also developed an international profile after spending extended periods of time studying and working abroad in Brazil, Hong Kong and Peru.

Sesija SFE SFUS - VII Kongres farmaceuta Srbije
Petak 12.10. 2018./ Hotel Crowne Plaza , Beograd, Srbija
Preliminarni program

VI međunarodna SFE SFUS konferencija
2. jun 2017. godine, Beograd, hotel Metropol, Srbija.

Sekcija za farmakoekonomiju Saveza farmaceutskih udruženja Srbije (SFE SFUS) organizuje Šestu međunarodnu konferenciju sa temom:

Peta međunarodna konferencija - Predavači
9. i 10. oktobar 2015. godine Beograd, hotel Metropol
dr sc. Brian Godman, Institut za farmaciju i biomedicinske nauke Strathclyde, Glazgov, Velika Britanija, Karolinska Institut, Švedska

dr sc. Wija Oortwijn, partner, ECORYS NL Roterdam, Holandija

dr Krzysztof Landa, predsednik, MedInvest Scanner Ltd M.I.S, Poljska

mr sc. Mark Parker, Odsek za zdravstvenu ekonomiju, Fakultet za menadžment, Univerzitet u Liverpulu, Velika Britanija

mr sc. Angela Yu, istraživač Fakulteta za ekonomiju i političke nauke u Londonu, Velika Britanija

Timothy Johnston, lider programa za rast i ljudski razvoj, Jugoistočna Evropa, Evropa i centralna Azija, Svetska banka

dr sc. Dávid Dankó, direktor, Ideas & Solutions, Mađarska

dr Günter Harms, direktor za pristup tržištu i odnose sa javnošcu, Shire, Nemačka

mr sc. Vanesa Benković, konsultant za procenu zdravstvenih tehnologija i istraživanja u zdravstvu, Hrvatska

dr Bojan Trkulja, direktor, INOVIA, Srbija

mr sc. Tanja Novaković, predsednica Sekcije za farmakoekonomiju SFUS, Srbija

mr sc. Jovan Mihajlović, Institut za farmakoepidemiologiju i farmakoekonomiju, Odsek za farmaciju Univerziteta u Groningenu, Holandija

Livio Garattini, Mario Negri Institute, Milano, Italija

Jakub Adamski, Arcana Institut, Poljska

Alan Haycox, Odsek za zdravstvenu ekonomiju, Fakultet za menažment, Univerzitet u Liverpulu, Velika Britanija

Norbert Wilk, Arcana Institut, Poljska

Neven Lovrinov, Terimanl d.o.o., Hrvatska

Beograd, 28. april 2015. godina, hotel Crowne Plaza
Sekcija za farmakoekonomiju Saveza farmaceutskih Udruženja Srbije
Ciljevi konferencije su:
· Upoznavanje sa specifičnostima biofarmacetskih lekova i biosimilara,

· razumevanje regulative biofarmaceutskih i biološki sličnih lekova,

· predstavljanje kliničkog iskustva sa biološkim lekovima i uopšte,

· razmena iskustava i znanja sa stručnjacima iz regiona I Evrope.
Regulisano uvođenje novih lekova
11-13, maj 2015. godina, Varšava, Pojska
PIPERSKA grupa i Agency za HTA & Tarifni Sistem u Poljskoj i Svetska ždravstvena organižacija, Evropa
Kurs je prvenstveno namenjen zdravstenim stručnjacima koji se bave unapređenjem racionalnom upotrebom lekova posebno novih lekova.
Peti jadranski i Četvrti hrvatski kongres farmakoekonomike i istraživanja ishoda liječenja
Šibenik, Hrvatske, 23. do 26. april 2015. godine
Sekcija za farmakoekonomiku i istraživanje ishoda liječenja Hrvatskog društva za kliničku farmakologiju i terapiju Hrvatskog liječničkog zbora
Teme koje će na predstojećem kongresu biti u posebnom fokusu su: 'Uloga i značaj farmaceutske industrije na cjelokupno gospodarstvo država u regiji' te 'Potreba adaptacije modela za procjenu zdravstvenih tehnologija u državama s visokim rizikom održivosti financiranja zdravstvenih sustava u svrhu očuvanja transparentnosti i konkurentnosti'.
Registri pacijenata u cilju poboljšanja kvaliteta zdravstvene zaštite i smanjenja troškova lečenja
5. februara 2015. godine, hotel Crowne Plaza, Beogradu u 13.00 h
Sekcije za farmakoekonomiju Saveza farmaceutskih Udruženja Srbije (SFUS)
Ciljevi konferencije su:
• Upoznavanje i predstavljanje značaja i vrednosti registara pacijenata
• Upoznavanje sa zdravstenim ishodima terapija i ishodima prijavljenim od strane pacijenata
• Razmena iskustava sa zemljama koje imaju iskustva sa primenom registara pacijenata u
korišćenju podataka za farmakoekonomske analize
• Upoznavanje sa primerima specijalnih ugovora (Risk sharing, Pay per Performance)
Procena zdravstvenih tehnologija za obezbeđenje kvaliteta zdravstvene zaštite
15-16. decembar 2014.,Krakov, Poljska
IX Međunarodni Simpozijum CEESTAHC